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  • Sharing micro travel: from Jun 27 , 2022
    According to the prediction of QYResearch, the global output of electric scooters will reach 10.01 million in 2027, and the output value will reach $3.341 billion. The compound growth rate of output value from 2021 to 2027 is about 14.99%. Advantages of electric scooter: 1. Dual attributes of entertainment and travel: suitable for single person short distance travel 2. Environmental protection att...
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  • The sales of electric bicycles in the United States exceed that of electric cars! Jun 24 , 2022
    People in urban areas are beginning to realize that sometimes riding a bicycle is faster than driving from one place to another. Especially when the bicycle is electrically assisted and can move in the traffic at the same speed as the speed limit in most cities, there is no need to find a parking space. Nowadays, electric bicycles are becoming more and more convenient, and there are various policy...
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  • Bicycle imports in the United States increased by 52% year-on-year in the first quarter Jun 20 , 2022
    Compared with bicycles, e-bikes have many advantages. They are faster, can be adjusted, meet different scenarios, and do not take as much effort as bicycles. The most important thing is that they are more environmentally friendly than gasoline vehicles, but the cost is also higher than traditional bicycles. Therefore, the United States continues to provide financial incentives for e-bikes, which i...
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  • Electric scooters have competitions Jun 13 , 2022
    Speed has a fatal attraction for human beings. From the ancient "Qianlima" to the modern supersonic aircraft, human beings have been on the road of pursuing "faster". In this pursuit, almost every vehicle used by human beings has not escaped the fate of being used for racing - horse racing, bicycle racing, motorcycle racing, rowing, racing cars and even children's scooters. Now, this camp has adde...
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  • Development of power lithium battery Jun 07 , 2022
    Purpose of lithium battery recycling: environmental protection and economic double wheel drive. Batteries contain a variety of harmful substances, which will have a great impact on the ecology if they are discarded at will. Lithium battery at the end of its use After the use period, it needs to be recycled, mainly for the consideration of environmental protection and economy. lithium battery The s...
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  • Three application directions of AI in the new era? May 25 , 2022
    Artificial intelligence is never a new concept. However, the breakthrough of Moore's law, the development of cloud computing and the availability of massive data have made artificial intelligence popular. We believe that after AI began to experience the high growth of security and speaker applications driven by machine vision, speech recognition and natural language processing in 2016, new AI appl...
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  • Lithium battery competition May 20 , 2022
    1.1 enterprise life cycle curve theory American economist Harry S. dent put forward the S-type development model of new technology and new industry. The industry has a life cycle (formation period, growth period, maturity period and recession period), and the industrial growth trajectory presents an S-shaped curve. Emerging industries need a process from "introduction period" to "growth period". D...
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  • Development of automotive chips May 17 , 2022
    The speed of automobile electrification, intelligence and networking has been increased, and the application of chip has been greatly improved. At present, automotive chips have been widely used in many fields, such as power, body, cabin, chassis and safety. According to the prediction of China Automobile Industry Association, the number of single chip of new energy vehicles will exceed 1400 in 20...
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  • Current situation of high-end automobile market May 11 , 2022
    Behind the development of automotive intelligent networking is the digital revolution brought by the Internet. Almost all industries are experiencing digital transformation, constantly forming and enriching the panoramic ecology of the Internet, and the users' demand for various products and services is also escalating. The demand of high-end automobile consumers has been upgraded from upgrading t...
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