KUICKWHEEL is about to attend the Hong Kong Global Resource Consumer Electronics Exhibition

As a highly influential B2B international trade event – Global Resources Hong Kong Spring Electronics Exhibition, it will be officially launched from April 11-14, 2023 at the Hong Kong Asia International Expo. The venue will gather high-quality EMS/OEM/ODM manufacturers and suppliers from China and Asia to welcome professional supply and demand resources from the global […]

Hit the scene of North China International Bicycle and Electric Vehicle Exhibition

From March 30 to April 1, the 21st North China International Bicycle and Electric Vehicle Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “China Cycle”), which lasted for three days, was in full swing at Tianjin Meijiang International Convention and Exhibition Center. As a leading global provider of integrated solutions for intelligent travel products and systems, KUICKWHEEL has […]

We are duty-bound to protect the earth

Low-carbon and environment-friendly life refers to a green and environment-friendly lifestyle that reduces the energy consumed in daily work and rest. Its main purpose is to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide, so as to reduce atmospheric pollution and slow down ecological deterioration.Low-carbon and environment-friendly life is mainly to change the details […]

Ireland announced to invest millions of euros to build bicycle lanes

Since the explosion of sales of electric bicycles, the improvement of bicycle infrastructure such as bicycle lanes, bicycle parking areas and charging facilities has been frequently mentioned by European and American people, and the government has also spared no effort to allocate funds for the construction. Not only for the sake of safety, but also […]

Electrification on the agenda

At the regular meeting of the Massachusetts legislature in 2023, Brendan Clayton, the former Senate president, proposed to phase out the diesel-powered commuter railway train and realize electric power operation by the end of 2035. The current means of transportation are indeed undergoing electrification reform, but the barriers between them and large means of transportation […]

High-end products are still in short supply

The market demand slows down and the growth momentum is lost.The popularity of the bicycle industry in the market has lasted for two years, the market gradually saturated demand has also begun to slow down, and the impact of the epidemic is also gradually weakening. Compared with the same period in 2021, the market capacity […]

Explore 2022 belonging to kuickwheel together

This year we have gained a lot, encountered many challenges and overcome many difficulties, but this is not worth mentioning. It is proud that we have worked together for another year to pass on more environmental protection travel concepts and ideas to everyone, pass on new technologies, new ideas and lead the new trend of […]