REMEMBER 2020/11/6!

This will definitely be an important and memorable day in the development history of Kuickwheel, because the first container including 400 units Kuickwheel own-branded electric scooters officially went to the German warehouse through the China-Europe Railway. This is the first local warehouse in Europe of Kuickwheel.

This means that Kuickwheel can provide more flexible and reliable localized convenient services in many European countries. For example, it can shorten the delivery for European distributors and provide better after-sales service, which will greatly help our partners become more competitive. At the same time, it will attract more new partners to join us.

If you are a European dealer and are interested in selling Kuickwheel electric scooters, please contact us.

Name: Benjamin Chang

Phone/WhatsApp: +8618020115120

E-mail: benjaminchang@kuickwheel.com

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