Explore 2022 belonging to kuickwheel together

This year we have gained a lot, encountered many challenges and overcome many difficulties, but this is not worth mentioning. It is proud that we have worked together for another year to pass on more environmental protection travel concepts and ideas to everyone, pass on new technologies, new ideas and lead the new trend of the industry.

In July this year, we participated in the 29th European Bicycle Trade Expo, and kuickwheel, as a leading brand in China’s two-wheel travel industry, was also invited to participate. With its high-end off-road scooter Turbo, shared E-bike and other products, Kuickwheel made its debut and gathered with people in the global industry in EUROBIKE. In this exhibition, Fast Wheel Technology demonstrated its unique understanding of the two-wheel travel products and intuitively demonstrated its R&D and manufacturing capabilities ahead of its peers through the products.

In October this year, we participated in the 2022 International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (IFA) in Berlin, Germany. As the leading brand of China’s new energy two-wheel travel industry, this year, the new independent brand RICTOR of kuickwheel officially appeared, bringing its new and weighty product: the fighter in the scooter – Turbo, and star products: S1-C, Model B, Super S, KS3000, etc, Demonstrate the technological and product power of Fast Wheel Technology to global users.

These two exhibitions both indicate that Kuickwheel will continue to pursue new technologies in the green travel industry, expand new boundaries and bring the ultimate product experience to global users.

In addition, kuickwheel has also established a new intelligent manufacturing base in China.The new factory covers an area of 20000 m2, has automatic production lines and dust-free workshops, and specializes in the production of E-scooter, E-bike, E-moto and other intelligent travel tools. Centering on the concept of “green environmental protection and intelligent lean”, the hardware and software are upgraded in a dual way, so that the power of innovation is surging, and we are committed to building a more intensive, efficient, green and environmentally friendly intelligent new factory.

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