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Kuickwheel SUPER S Shared Electric Scooter ABE Certificate for German Market

SUPER S electric scooter is independently designed and manufactured by Kuickwheel for sharing mobility business. ABE certificate for German market is avaiable. It's integrated with 4G IoT module and voice broadcsting function.
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SUPER S is a high-end shared electric scooter independently developed and produced by Kuickwheel. Its patent shows that the design is earlier than other competitors in the industry. It has excellent functions such as voice broadcast and online voice upgrade, kickstand sensor, gyroscope movement alarming, and underwater battery plugging and unplugging. At present, many large shared scooter operators around the world are using this product.

Kuickwheel Super S shared electric scooter with ABE certificate


SUPER S adopts the whole-vehicle internal wiring design and adopts a removable battery solution. The whole vehicle can achieve IPX7 waterproof level. All spare parts are made of industry-leading raw materials to ensure both an elegant appearance and solid quality, which provides a reliable solution for the shared scooter business.


SUPER S is equipped with 4G IOT module independently developed by Kuickwheel. It can support both MQTT and HTTP protocals based on customers’ requirements.
sharing electric scooter
rental electric scooter


SUPER S is equipped with high-end full LED digital rider dashboard, which can provide a clearer display even under strong sunlight outdoors. All the riding data, such as riding mode, speed, mileage and remaining power, or even alarming can be transmitted and displayed on the dashborad in real time. In addition, the module also integrates a speaker, which can realize voice broadcasting, such as navigation, advertising, greetings, etc.


Shared electric scooters are exposed to wind and sun every day, especially in countries with rainy and humid climates, where waterproof performance is particularly important. All the core components of SUPER S, including the IoT, controller, battery, cables and connectors, have IPX7 waterproof performance, which can ensure that the scooter can still work normally even in wet and rainy environments.
IPX7 waterproof e-scooter
electric scooter with removable battery


The removable battery solution will greatly increase the convenience of shared scooters operation and maintenance. The battery case is made of aluminum alloy and completely sealed, with IPX7 waterproof level, so there is no need to worry about battery replacement problems even on outdoor roads in rainy weather.


With a reliable dual-arm front suspension fork, which can effectively reduce the fluctuations from the ground, SUPER S can adapt to different terrains and provide excellent riding comfort. Compared to 8.5-inch tires, 10-inch tires are much easier to pass through rough ground and bumpy roads. Non-pneumatic tires can reduce maintenance costs and concerns for operators and won’t cause risks to consumers due to punctures.
10-inch big wheel electric scooter
electric scooter with automatic LED lights


User’s riding safety is always the top priority. SUPER S has an automatic lighting system, including front and rear LED lights, turn signals. It can switch automatically according to the instructions of the controller to illuminate the surrounding environment. The built-in design not only has a beautiful appearance, but also guarantees that the headlight is not easily damaged.


Shared electric scooters often encounter situations where the vehicle is not parked properly, which causes damage to the vehicle, or the rider does not completely loosen the kickstand, which leads to dangerous riding. The kickstand senor of SUPER S will eliminate such problems. Whether it is not parked well or not fully opened, the scooter will alarm by displaying it on the dashboard.
Electric scooter with kickstand sensor
dual braking system electric scooter


Excellent braking performance is surely essential. SUPER S has a front and rear dual drum brakes and rear E-ABS, which can ensure the reliability of the braking performance and provide sufficient protection for the rider safety.


SUPER S provides a wealth of accessories, such as all-metal anti-theft phone holders, metal bottle cages, turning signals, smart railing lock, metal hooks and so on.
electric scooter accessories

For more product information, please leave a message to hello@kuickwheel.com.

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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to become our distributor, or need ODM or OEM services, please leave a message here. We will get back to you as soon as possible!