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Why does the scooter not move when I press the accelerator?
The scooter needs one foot on the pedal to slide first, when the vehicle speed is 5km/h, press the throttle and the vehicle will start. This is a non-zero start device.
What are the requirements of the Kuickwheel electric scooter for people riding it?
The applicable age of the Kuickwheel electric scooter is 14-50 years old, the applicable height is 120-200cm, the maximum load is 120kg, please do not ride after drinking, please do not ride after taking drugs that may affect judgment.
The weight capacity is marked as 120kg, if my weight exceeds 120kg, can I ride this electric scooter?
It is not completely impossible to use this product if you weigh more than 120kg. It's just that the heavier you are, the gentler you need to ride. In addition, if weigh more than 120kg, the car's ability to climb and cross obstacles will also be reduced. Please try to ride carefully if you are tall and heavy.
Can Kuickwheel electric scooters be ridden in the rain?
Although the car has a waterproof design, for your safety, please avoid riding in the rain.
How to report a problem with a Kuickwheel electric scooter? What information do I need to provide for repair?
If there is a problem with your scooter, you need to call our customer service hotline 400-186-1968 to report the problem. You need to provide the order number or contact number on the official website and proof of purchase.
What is the battery life of Kuickwheel electric scooter?
After 500 cycles of charging and discharging, the battery capacity will be no less than 70% of the rated capacity. It is recommended to charge the battery when about 10% of the power is left to avoid excessive discharge, which can prolong the battery life. Please refer to the product manual for detailed battery use and maintenance precautions.
Is it possible to disassemble the battery?
The battery cannot be disassembled by yourself, the warranty will be ineffective after private disassembly.
What kind of tires are used on the Kuickwheel electric scooter?
They are non-pneumatic tires and rechargeable tires, please refer to the product manual for specific products.
What's the meaning of the red icon on the dashboard of the scooter while riding?
The red icon appears during riding is a high temperature indication (icon style is similar to thermometer style); Note: It will not affect normal riding, charging should be done after the temperature is lowered.
How to ride an electric scooter?
Hello, please hold the forehead handlebars with both hands, stand on the pedal with one foot, and pedal backwards with the other foot. When the electric scooter is coasting at a speed of 5km/h or more, stand on the pedal with both feet and press and hold the finger dial throttle to accelerate the ride. If it does not reach 5km/h coasting speed, the throttle will not start.
Why is there a scratch on the contact end of the forehead and the handlebar?
Hello, this surface is a normal phenomenon due to friction marks from factory ride testing.
How do I switch the speed mode?
Click the dashboard button to switch gears.
How do I maintain my electric scooter?
It is recommended not to ride in the rain and keep the throttle brake part out of the water; 2. Refer to the daily care and maintenance at the back of the manual
What are the precautions for charging a new car?
First time charging the new vehicle, make sure the charger turns green on the line; 2. during charging, if the red and green lights flashes, then continue to charge 30 minutes to check whether the charging indicator turns to red light, after the light turn green, it is normal, otherwise the product has a problem.
What accessories are in the box?
Accessories include: instruction manual, prompt card, NFC card, riding guide, screws x5 (including a spare screw), hexagonal wrench, charging adapter.
The electric scooter cannot be turned on?
  1. Has it just returned from a ride? Possible overheating protection situation;

  2. Was it ridden in the rain? The possibility of water damage;

  3. Is it not used and not charged for a long time? The possibility of battery over discharge;

  4. Is there a fault code? Provide the digital code on the dashboard;

  5. Re-plug the connection cable or see if the color of the display light of the charger is on, if not, it is recommended to report and repair the vehicle.
Electric scooter cannot be charged?
Need to follow the steps below to investigate:
  1. Check whether it's due to poor connection: re-plug the charger on both sides of the connection to see if it can be solved;

  2. Check whether it's charger failure: plug charger into the power supply, do not connect the charger to the vehicle, observe whether the charger indicator lights up normally (green), if not, it means that there is charger failure, you need to contact the after serviceperson;

  3. Check the charging state charger indicator is red, if it shows green and cannot be charged, it may be a charger failure or body charging port damage, need to contact the aftermarket repair.
Red triangle warning symbol appears on the electric scooter
The red triangle warning symbol is generally a vehicle failure, need to repair, you can contact the after-sales service to confirm the content of the specific fault code for repair.
42, 44, 46 code
Try to shut down and restart, if there is still an error code, please check whether the throttle and brake are connected or have poor connection, if the wiring is normal, you need to contact the after-sales service to report the replacement of the throttle, brake or instrument panel.
01 Code
Try to shut down and restart, if there is still an error code, please check the motor connection, if the wiring is normal, you need to contact the after-sales service to replace the controller or motor.
03 code
Replace the controller, contact after-sales service to report
06 code
If you can't recover after cooling for a period of time, contact after-sales service to replace the controller
09 code
Try to shut down and restart, if there is still an error code, please check the motor connection line, if the wiring is normal, contact the after-sales service to replace the controller or motor.
Electric scooter throttle will not pop back, how to solve.
Check whether there is any obstruction between the handlebar sleeve and the throttle assembly, if there is a small gap or obstruction, you need to manually pull the sleeve out properly and keep it at a distance of 5mm.
Disc brake disc rattling?
Situation 1: Loosen (without unscrewing completely) the two screws that are fixing the disc brake seat, pan the disc brake seat left and right, rotate the rear wheel to check the clearance and disc rubbing, until the disc brake disc is in the middle of the disc brake seat, then tighten the two fixing screws. If there is no rubbing on the rear wheel, the problem is solved.

Case 2: The disc is deformed and needs to be replaced by an aftermarket repair.