Ireland announced to invest millions of euros to build bicycle lanes

Since the explosion of sales of electric bicycles, the improvement of bicycle infrastructure such as bicycle lanes, bicycle parking areas and charging facilities has been frequently mentioned by European and American people, and the government has also spared no effort to allocate funds for the construction. Not only for the sake of safety, but also […]

Bicycles and electric bicycles continue to walk hot

The policy of limiting flow and reducing emissions in Paris has been officially implemented in 2022. This policy will greatly reduce the traffic flow in the inner ring of Paris, which covers an area of nearly 14 square kilometers. On the one hand, the “No Vehicle Order” aims to reduce air pollution in Paris, on […]

High-end products are still in short supply

The market demand slows down and the growth momentum is lost.The popularity of the bicycle industry in the market has lasted for two years, the market gradually saturated demand has also begun to slow down, and the impact of the epidemic is also gradually weakening. Compared with the same period in 2021, the market capacity […]

Portuguese bicycle VAT reduced from 23% to 6%

On November 23, the Portuguese Parliament decided to reduce the value-added tax on bicycles and bicycle maintenance from 23% to only 6%. The reduction of VAT will take effect in 2023. Although Portugal does not have the extensive bicycle culture of Northern Europe, its two wheeled vehicle manufacturing industry is very strong. Statistics show that […]