KUICKWHEEL is about to attend the Hong Kong Global Resource Consumer Electronics Exhibition

As a highly influential B2B international trade event – Global Resources Hong Kong Spring Electronics Exhibition, it will be officially launched from April 11-14, 2023 at the Hong Kong Asia International Expo. The venue will gather high-quality EMS/OEM/ODM manufacturers and suppliers from China and Asia to welcome professional supply and demand resources from the global […]

High-end products are still in short supply

The market demand slows down and the growth momentum is lost.The popularity of the bicycle industry in the market has lasted for two years, the market gradually saturated demand has also begun to slow down, and the impact of the epidemic is also gradually weakening. Compared with the same period in 2021, the market capacity […]

Electric bicycles become the most popular means of transportation in Germany

Recently, Germany conducted an interview and survey on the popularity of domestic electric travel tools. The survey found that electric bicycles are the most popular means of transportation in Germany, even surpassing electric vehicles. Most people said that their first choice when traveling is also electric bicycles. The most popular vehicle in Germany – electric […]

California will allocate US $10 million for the electric bicycle incentive plan

On July 14, 21, the governor of California approved the allocation of 10 million dollars for the electric bicycle incentive plan. This year, the specific allocation of this fund was finally confirmed and will be formally implemented in early 2023. According to American media and Streetsblog, California has allocated more than 1 billion dollars this […]

The “super run” of electric scooter industry!

At first, people used electric scooters to avoid crowded urban commuting and crowded public transport during the epidemic. But now, with the progress of technology, electric scooters have more powerful performance and more category choices. Electric scooters have gradually become the main choice in people’s leisure, entertainment and other travel. In the eyes of hardcore […]

Lithium battery products attract the attention of the government again

According to media reports, on November 5, a fire accident occurred in a high-rise residential building in Manhattan, which injured 46 people. The accident investigation showed that the fire was caused by the lithium battery of an electric bicycle in a household. Low price market demand is huge, and low-quality products are circulatedIn terms of […]

Precautions for Scooter Riding in Autumn and Winter

Any kind of car needs our care and maintenance. We treat the scooter like our family. When it’s cold, we give it special protection. Next, we will introduce the three points you should pay attention to when riding a scooter in autumn and winter. Please take them seriously. First, pay attention to battery maintenance① When […]

Riding a scooter through autumn

Maple leaves are the proof of autumn. The red maple leaves falling everywhere also seem to be the soul strokes engraved with feelings on the ground. Riding a scooter to stay here, it seems that you have entered a fairyland and a beautiful vision is born leisurely. In this beautiful scene, we feel that everything […]

Uncover the functions of intelligent instrument panel

One minute to understand the dashboard of the new off-road scooter Turbo, which will help you unlock a more convenient, intelligent and fun driving experience. Interpretation of instrument cluster functions: 1、LED headlights have two modes: lighting and atmosphere lights, which can be very dazzling both in the day and night 2、There is a real-time power […]