Intelligent product of the times — electric scooter

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, bicycles and shared bicycles have become popular, and have been praised and used by people. However, with the gradual growth of the service life, these vehicles inevitably have parts damaged, lost, faced with scrap and other conditions.According to statistics, 27000 bicycles are abandoned on the roadside in London every […]

Go deep into overseas markets and share scooter solutions to help travel intelligently

In recent years, as a micro mobile vehicle, electric scooter has become more and more popular in many cities around the world. Like bicycles, electric scooters solve the problem of people’s last mile. In addition, the electric scooter uses lithium battery as its power, which conforms to the policies and concepts of green, environmental protection […]

Personal safety is the most important!

The purpose of our intelligent scooter is to develop a green and peaceful world, reduce pollution and carbon dioxide emissions, and the purpose is to establish slow traffic, which is no longer “slow”, but a synonym for green, convenient and healthy. In the post epidemic era, slow traffic is interpreting the essence of urban green […]

What role will IoT play in the future development of science and technology?

IoT is the abbreviation of “Internet of Things”, which means “Internet of Things”.IoT is one of the most promising technology directions. According to experts, IoT may be one of the most breakthrough technologies in the next decade. It will have a great impact on our lives and may change our lifestyle and habits.IoT will be […]

Let everyone use more intelligent new energy two round travel products

In the future, short-term transportation needs to break through four boundaries, and each small breakthrough will bring new market opportunities. Electrification: every small breakthrough will bring new market opportunities; Interconnection: all vehicles will gradually become real-time online Internet of Things devices; Sharing: more accurate matching between supply and demand; Automation: make transportation finally become a […]

Ultra light and convenient electric scooter—M11

Electric scooter is another new type of skateboard sports product following the traditional skateboard. The electric scooter saves energy, charges quickly and has strong endurance. The car is beautiful, foldable, easy to operate and safer to drive. The electric scooter originated in Germany, developed in Europe and America, and became popular all over the world […]

Kuckwhell attended 2022ifa with new products

The international Funkausstellung Berlin (hereinafter referred to as IFA) originated in 1924 will be held at the Berlin Exhibition Center from September 2 to 6, 2022. It is one of the largest electronic product fairs in Germany and the largest exhibition of consumer electronic products in the world. As the top domestic technology enterprise focusing […]

Record sales growth of bicycles and electric bicycles

In 2021, the total investment in bicycles and electric bicycles reached more than 1.75 billion euros, an increase of 17% compared with 1.5 billion euros in the previous year. Direct manufacturing jobs increased from more than 77.500 in 2020 to nearly 87.000 in 2021. It is estimated that the total number of industrial jobs in […]

2022Eurbike Show,We’ll wait for you in Frankfurt

eurobike event

2022 eurobike will be held in Frankfurt, Germany, from July 13 to July 17. This exhibition is larger and more international, and pays more attention to the mobility of the future. As an exhibitor, kuailun technology will participate in the exhibition as scheduled! Please keep an eye on us! Time: July 13, 2022-july 17, 2022Venue: […]