Electric bicycles become the most popular means of transportation in Germany

Recently, Germany conducted an interview and survey on the popularity of domestic electric travel tools. The survey found that electric bicycles are the most popular means of transportation in Germany, even surpassing electric vehicles. Most people said that their first choice when traveling is also electric bicycles.

The most popular vehicle in Germany – electric bicycle
According to the data in the figure, the first choice for most respondents to travel is electric bicycles, while the second is electric vehicles. In Germany, bicycles can be used for sports, daily travel and travel. This is a country with many bicycle enthusiasts. You can often see the elderly and children riding bicycles on the road.

A Deloitte study investigated various electric travel modes in Germany and found that electric bicycles are in the leading position. Practicability and sustainability are one of the most popular reasons for electric bicycles. Compared with bicycles, electric bicycles are more labor-saving and practical, reducing physical consumption and extending the range. Besides, electric bicycles can not only be used as a means of transportation, It also has high entertainment attributes and more composability. Compared with other electric vehicles, research shows that electric bicycles are also commonly used for physical exercise (40%), leisure travel and short distance travel (67%).

There is room for replacement of electric bicycles in daily commuting
From the picture, we can see that electric bicycles are often used in leisure travel and physical exercise. In Germany, it is also very common to use electric bicycles for long-distance travel, but people use electric vehicles more for commuting.

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