Electric freight bicycles in the UK increased significantly

According to the data of the British bicycle association, the sales of bicycles in the United Kingdom have decreased compared with that before the epidemic, while the sales of electric bicycles have stagnated. However, e-freight bicycles are growing, with sales increasing by 37% in the past year ending may 2022 compared with the previous year.

“Things are not turning very well now,” said Steve garidis, executive director of the British Cycling Association. “Since May 2021, sales have been lower than the level before the epidemic. Without the great development of the bicycle industry in 2020, the current situation may be worse than before the outbreak of COVID-19.”

According to the preview data provided by the bicycle association in the sales report of the first half of 2022, compared with the first half of 2021, the total volume and value of the bicycle market in the first half of 2022 decreased by 28% and 26% respectively. After the epidemic, the bicycle boom in the world seems to be fading and gradually stabilizing.

The British government has said that by 2030, nearly half of all short trips in England will be on foot or by bike. Therefore, cycling UK was selected to run a national E-bike support program, including short-term and long-term E-bike loans and trials. However, the program has stalled, and neither the British Cycling Association nor the Ministry of transport can determine when it can reopen.

Transformation of infrastructure construction
Charity cycling UK believes that part of the growth of cycling is due to the rise in fuel prices, which allows more people to ride out. Therefore, some people worry that if fuel prices fall and bicycles are not popularized to a certain scale, the bicycle infrastructure may be reversed.
Some people also think that the infrastructure needs to be further improved. In 2021, there were about 190000 electric vehicles registered in Britain, only 15000 more than electric bicycles. However, there were more than 30000 electric vehicle charging points and only 16 electric bicycle charging points. Moreover, the parking facilities in Britain are not perfect, and there are many bicycle lanes, but you need to find a parking spot after you arrive at the place.

Duncan Dollimore, campaign director of cycling UK, said: “the rising fuel prices have caused some people to think about their transportation options and turn some of their car trips to cycling. But too many people feel that they do not have this option because they think our roads are not safe enough to ride bicycles.”

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