On July 16, Kuickwheel new factory was officially put into production. Senior officials of Nanjing Xingang National Hi-tech Development Zone attended the opening ceremony. This is an important milestone for Kuickwheel Technology to achieve the leap-forward development of the brand. Meanwhile, it opened a new chapter of high-quality and efficient development.

The new factory covers an area of 10000 ㎡ and reaches its monthly production capacity at 50000. Kuickwheel quality laboratory is equipped with dozens of professional equipment and nearly a hundred test items and standards to ensure and improve product quality and reliability. A qualitative leap was achieved in the new production line in terms of technology, equipment, production strength, etc. The automation and standardization have been significantly improved, which can fully meet the daily production needs of electric scooters.

In order to conform to the concept of green travel, Kuickwheel donated 10 FX3 electric scooters to High-tech Park. In the future, Kuickwheel Technology will continue to brave the wind and waves and ride on a broader world stage.

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