Hit the scene of North China International Bicycle and Electric Vehicle Exhibition

From March 30 to April 1, the 21st North China International Bicycle and Electric Vehicle Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “China Cycle”), which lasted for three days, was in full swing at Tianjin Meijiang International Convention and Exhibition Center.

As a leading global provider of integrated solutions for intelligent travel products and systems, KUICKWHEEL has made its debut at the exhibition with the theme of “campus shared travel”. It explores new models of digital logistics management in terms of safe travel, intelligent travel, and efficient travel, and provides campus intelligent travel solutions through intelligent and refined management platforms and professional and complete operation and maintenance teams, Solved the “last mile” travel demand in semi enclosed places.

Safe travel :

KUICKWHEEL adheres to technology as the core, independently develops, designs, and produces software and hardware products, and is committed to combining digital technology with micro transportation. According to the needs of high frequency, short range, and low carbon travel environments in universities, it creates a green intelligent micro transportation system, creates sustainable green ecological micro transportation, and brings safe and reliable short distance travel solutions to teachers and students in universities.

Smart travel :

KUICKWHEEL Fast Wheel Travel, as a shared scooter time-sharing rental project, has functions such as scanning the code for car use, online payment, off-site car return, and fixed point parking and car return within the operating area. With a series of advantages such as convenience and efficiency, it is deeply welcomed by college teachers and students.
Special electronic fences and intelligent charging cabinets are installed in the campus to achieve unified and standardized management of accurate regional parking, intelligent and safe charging, and intelligent parking of vehicles, multiple protection of charging safety, and making campus travel safer and more orderly. In addition, Fast Wheel Travel will also provide a professional campus operation team for daily maintenance, help campus sharing achieve refined operations, timely eliminate various travel and management problems, and jointly build a beautiful campus environment.

Efficient travel

KUICKWHEEL relies on “hardware support+system support+software support” to build a one-stop campus shared travel platform system that integrates the Internet of Vehicles, IoT modules, cloud platforms, and mobile terminals. It provides services such as vehicle management, automatic scheduling, remote upgrade, and real-time monitoring of vehicles and riding status through data cloud services. Operators can achieve accurate vehicle scheduling through large data screens, achieve efficient vehicle operation, and comprehensively assist in orderly Efficient and safe campus construction meets the diverse needs of teachers and students for convenient travel.

In the future, KUICKWHEEL will continue to maintain its original intention and forge ahead, continue to expand new scenarios of intelligent micro transportation, empower intelligent transportation with high-quality travel solutions and intelligent operations, bring ultimate product experience to users, and provide sustainable mobile travel solutions for the construction of smart cities and green cities.

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