Intelligent product of the times — electric scooter

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, bicycles and shared bicycles have become popular, and have been praised and used by people. However, with the gradual growth of the service life, these vehicles inevitably have parts damaged, lost, faced with scrap and other conditions.
According to statistics, 27000 bicycles are abandoned on the roadside in London every year, but this is also the case in China. The emergence of shared bicycles has facilitated life, but with the long-term use of vehicles, they have been damaged to varying degrees. The media reported that tens of thousands of discarded shared bicycles were placed within 3000 square meters of a convenient parking lot. Some of these vehicles had their locks removed, some had their pedestals removed, and some had their tires damaged.

The transportation tools of the past have become industrial wastes, and it is a big project to deal with them. Nowadays, people are more likely to use more convenient and faster electric scooters, which can ensure the riding mileage and experience more intelligent products at the same time

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