Shared electric scooter becomes the “standard configuration” of smart campus

From sharing bicycles to sharing electric scooters, the sharing travel market is constantly subdivided and updated iteratively, bringing continuous surprises to consumers.
With the continuous upgrading of smart travel technology and products, the concept of micro short distance travel has prevailed in recent years. In particular, in universities, parks, scenic spots and other closed roads and places, the shared electric scooters that share behavior patterns have solved the long-standing travel pain points in relevant scenes. While creating a new travel experience for consumers, the whole industry has presented new characteristics and new patterns.

For the specific riding experience, many people praise kuickwheel for sharing electric scooters. “The design of the car is very fashionable, suitable for young people, and the riding is very windy. At the same time, the car is equipped with black technologies such as intelligent parking detection system and geographical fence technology, which makes riding safer and more secure.”

Kuickwheel electric scooter is a super cost-effective vehicle with strong endurance and three riding modes. It can ride for up to 45 kilometers at a time. Excellent sense of use! Adopt high-quality Battery Management System BMS, front double arm shock absorption and dual drum brake to ensure your safety

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