The “super run” of electric scooter industry!

At first, people used electric scooters to avoid crowded urban commuting and crowded public transport during the epidemic. But now, with the progress of technology, electric scooters have more powerful performance and more category choices. Electric scooters have gradually become the main choice in people’s leisure, entertainment and other travel.

In the eyes of hardcore skateboarders, this kind of conventional scooter has no wild nature, and is only suitable for those fair skinned, long legged and slender girls chasing the wind to play. yes! In the eyes of hardcore skateboarders, they have to ride this male hormone exploding horse!

This is an off-road scooter produced by kuickwheel that can run on snow, sand, pits and other complex roads.

In terms of performance, the 2000W front and rear wheel dual high-speed motor: the peak torque is up to 70Nm, the maximum speed reaches an amazing 65km/h, and it can accelerate from 0 to 48km/h in 5 seconds! The dynamic traction control system can suppress the idling of wheels on sandy and slippery ground, and has stronger controllability.

Front and rear dual hydraulic brake systems: with heavy perforated ventilation discs with a diameter of 140mm and a thickness of 2.5mm, they still have strong braking force under severe race track conditions. 1087wh high-performance power battery: the battery solid state heat flow heat dissipation technology is adopted to ensure stable energy output even in the fierce race track conditions.

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