Two wheeled electric vehicles will become an investment boom?

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Driven by the double carbon policy, consumption upgrading and environmental protection awareness, coupled with the technology spillover effect of electrification and intellectualization of the whole automobile industry, the two rounds of industry electrification and intellectualization are becoming the market trend.

Back to the primary market – two wheeled electric vehicles are becoming an investment boom. Since the second half of 2021, there have been many financing incidents in the two wheeled electric vehicle industry. Four wheeled vehicles have fully verified the trend of electric intelligence, which makes capital more willing to believe that this trend will be staged in the two wheeled electric vehicle industry.

Breakthrough three electricity technology and intelligence will be the starting point of electric motorcycle manufacturers in the competition. At present, among the technical difficulties that electric motorcycle manufacturers need to break through, the battery system technology that can overcome the application restrictions such as specific scenarios and temperature and high endurance is the core key.

For a long time, car enterprises have been troubled by the problem of high battery cost, and the electric motorcycle industry is no exception.

At present, China’s two wheeled electric vehicles are mainly divided into lead-acid battery two wheeled electric vehicles and lithium battery two wheeled electric vehicles. The cost of batteries ranges from 30% to 50%. Due to its low price and high stability, lead-acid battery has always been the main type of battery used in two wheeled electric vehicles, but it is easy to pollute the environment in the manufacturing process.

Lithium ion battery has been widely used because of its high energy density and low environmental pollution, but it still has some problems that can not be ignored. The decline of electrochemical performance caused by the deterioration of electrode material structure and poor thermal stability are still serious. Therefore, the modification of electrode material is still the research focus of lithium ion battery.

After adding niobium, the conductivity and stability of the battery have been greatly improved. It can accept the charging of super power charger and share it with automobile grade charger. In the past, it usually takes 4 to 6 hours for two wheeled vehicles to be fully charged, and it can be fully charged in 10 minutes after using niobium lithium battery.

At present, the cost and pricing of niobium batteries are expected to be 25% – 30% higher than ordinary lithium batteries. However, the ultra-high loss resistance, stability and long service life of niobium battery can not be compared with traditional lithium battery. And because the cycle life is much longer than that of lithium battery, the overall cost will be lower.


The founder of a battery company told 36 krypton that the core reason for the high cost of niobium batteries lies in the high cost of niobium itself as a rare element. Batteries used in civil products often pursue low cost and cost performance, but in special fields such as military industry, the demand for high-performance batteries still exists. As one of the diversified energy schemes, niobium battery is mainly used in 2B project.

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