We are duty-bound to protect the earth

Low-carbon and environment-friendly life refers to a green and environment-friendly lifestyle that reduces the energy consumed in daily work and rest. Its main purpose is to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide, so as to reduce atmospheric pollution and slow down ecological deterioration.
Low-carbon and environment-friendly life is mainly to change the details of life from three aspects: electricity saving, solar term and recycling.
As the only celestial body known to human beings to nurture and support life, the Earth needs the careful care of everyone. The fast wheel smart travel creates a new way of low-carbon travel, making every kilometer grow into a tree of life, and making every ride protect our blue earth.

Up to now, KuaiLun Smart Travel:
The accumulated cycling mileage is 1,246,465km, and the total carbon emission is reduced by 235,581,885g, which is equivalent to planting 4,240,476 Haloxylon ammodendron trees.
Fast wheel smart travel serves the campus, brings safe and green smart travel to colleges and universities, implements the low-carbon declaration in daily life, and builds a green ecological barrier.
Here, we pay tribute to every partner who silently insists on green and low-carbon. KUICKWHEEL will continue to take root in two rounds of new energy travel, serve short-distance travel scenarios, and carry out the earth protection war to the end.

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