California will allocate US $10 million for the electric bicycle incentive plan

On July 14, 21, the governor of California approved the allocation of 10 million dollars for the electric bicycle incentive plan. This year, the specific allocation of this fund was finally confirmed and will be formally implemented in early 2023. According to American media and Streetsblog, California has allocated more than 1 billion dollars this […]

Uncover the functions of intelligent instrument panel

One minute to understand the dashboard of the new off-road scooter Turbo, which will help you unlock a more convenient, intelligent and fun driving experience. Interpretation of instrument cluster functions: 1、LED headlights have two modes: lighting and atmosphere lights, which can be very dazzling both in the day and night 2、There is a real-time power […]

Shared electric scooter becomes the “standard configuration” of smart campus

From sharing bicycles to sharing electric scooters, the sharing travel market is constantly subdivided and updated iteratively, bringing continuous surprises to consumers.With the continuous upgrading of smart travel technology and products, the concept of micro short distance travel has prevailed in recent years. In particular, in universities, parks, scenic spots and other closed roads and […]