Uncover the functions of intelligent instrument panel

One minute to understand the dashboard of the new off-road scooter Turbo, which will help you unlock a more convenient, intelligent and fun driving experience.

Interpretation of instrument cluster functions:

1、LED headlights have two modes: lighting and atmosphere lights, which can be very dazzling both in the day and night

2、There is a real-time power percentage in the lower right corner of the screen. When you are outside, you can always know the car’s power, so you can travel more comfortably

3、The upper left corner of the screen shows the single and dual drive mode (front drive/rear drive), allowing you to enjoy the two power modes

4、The dynamic driving speed bar is displayed in the middle of the screen, so you can see the driving speed more intuitively

5、The lower left corner of the screen shows the cycling mode. There are four cycling modes in total: ① prohibition mode, accelerator cannot be started; ② energy-saving mode, 30km/h; ③ sports mode, 50km/h; ④ extreme speed mode, 65km/h

6、At the bottom of the screen is the real-time cycling mileage record. ① Trip: real-time display of single cycling mileage ② Odo: real-time display of total cycling mileage

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