Electric bicycle safety guidance for students was incorporated into the act by the United States

On Tuesday, Gavin Newsom, a U.S. governor, signed a bill that allows school districts across the state to provide safety guidance to students through local law enforcement departments and develop students’ safety awareness of new vehicles.

The increase in the number of electric auxiliary vehicle accidents under the age of 18 is partly due to the lack of guidance on safe operation. Therefore, the 2028 parliamentary act written by female congresswoman r-laguna Nigel hopes to allow the school district committee to provide time and facilities to any local law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction over schools in the region for bicycle safety guidance, and expand the scope of guidance vehicles to scooters Electric bicycles, motorized bicycles and scooters.

Since the bill was first introduced in February this year, the legislative procedure has been passed quickly. AB 2028 received little opposition to bills that usually have differences on law enforcement, education and transportation, and easily passed the vote in each committee meeting room. Including the unanimous vote of 35-0 in the Senate and 71-0 in the parliament last month.

The injury caused by accidents of electric assisted vehicles is becoming more and more serious. “After power assistance is enabled, the speed of electric bicycles can exceed 20 miles per hour”, said Charles DiMaggio, who wrote a study on the safety of electric vehicles, “In contrast, the average speed of more traditional bicycles is less than 10 miles per hour. The reason for this potential speed almost doubling may be that electric bicycles are more seriously injured”, which has also led many people in Congress and the Senate to vote for the bill.

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