Let everyone use more intelligent new energy two round travel products

In the future, short-term transportation needs to break through four boundaries, and each small breakthrough will bring new market opportunities. Electrification: every small breakthrough will bring new market opportunities; Interconnection: all vehicles will gradually become real-time online Internet of Things devices; Sharing: more accurate matching between supply and demand; Automation: make transportation finally become a service that can be operated by data.

Lithium batteries usher in technological upgrading and gradually replace lead-acid batteries: under the same endurance, the weight of lead-acid batteries is 3.5 times that of lithium batteries, but at present, the penetration rate of lithium batteries in two wheel electric vehicles is only 20%, because the technology of lead-acid batteries is mature, the price is convenient, and the recycling rate is high. However, its service life is relatively low, and its environmental protection is not as good as that of lithium battery, so it is gradually replaced.

Fast wheel hardware product route — Dyson in the field of intelligent short transportation

At present, the fast sharing IoT is exported to dozens of overseas countries, such as the United States, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Italy, etc. He has very rich experience in IoT vehicle Internet of Things communication overseas.

  1. Use publish/subscribe message mode to provide one to many message publishing
  2. Special lightweight protocol for Internet of Things, low network traffic consumption
  3. QoS 0/1/2 message support
  4. Server side single support node 1 million concurrent MQTT connection peak load
  5. The server facilitates the implementation of node distributed clusters

Strict test and detection standards, participated in the formulation of national standards for many times,provide technical support for the manufacture of scooters。

KUICKHEEL has won many core patents, invention patents, utility model patents and design patents.For example, the overall champion of Audi Innovation Laboratory, the German “IF” Award, and the second place in China’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

Future development path of fast wheel – technological innovation to open up travel boundary。Optimize traditional travel categories, occupy users’ minds, create brand image through cross field innovation categories, subvert travel experience and redefine travel

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