Ultra light and convenient electric scooter—M11

Electric scooter is another new type of skateboard sports product following the traditional skateboard. The electric scooter saves energy, charges quickly and has strong endurance. The car is beautiful, foldable, easy to operate and safer to drive. The electric scooter originated in Germany, developed in Europe and America, and became popular all over the world in a very short time.

Compared with China’s strict control over all kinds of vehicles, foreign countries can ride on the road as long as they have obtained relevant qualification certificates. What’s more, the sharing of scooters in the past few years has made electric scooters a fashionable means of transportation in foreign countries, which has been highly accepted by the people. Then the slogan “the last kilometer” was put forward, which has pushed related electric products such as short commutes, short trips and the last kilometer logistics to the market climax, Both electric bicycles, electric scooters, and electric freight bikes have been welcomed by the public. In addition, the momentum of the government aligning with the direction of capital in the direction of electric products has improved the industrial chain of this industry, and promoted technology, innovation, and reform in the industry in a short time, with a rapid momentum.

The products in the growing period have the quickest reaction speed to the user demand market. Each product has its own hard wound, which means that traditional skateboards have no power, electric skateboards can’t be used, and electric bicycles have no fun. It’s too difficult to get started when you want to choose difficult! As a result, the KUICKWHEEL team has designed a big three in one product, code name M11, which integrates the functions of traditional scooters, electric scooters and electric bicycles. It is easy and fun, light and flexible.

First, let’s take a look at the performance of M11

1、M11 electric skateboard is equipped with a 250 W motor, the maximum speed can reach 25km/h, the battery capacity can reach 36v 7.5Ah, and it can travel 30km once charged. It is very suitable for daily commuting needs or long-distance travel, and there are three riding modes to choose from.

2、M11 uses scientific ergonomic design in many places to protect the rider’s body. The wide deck, shoulder width handlebars and front shell with an 80 ° inclination angle used by the vehicle can provide the best comfort and stability during riding.

3、Quickfold function, press the button to fold for one second. In addition, the body weighs only 18KG, is thin and light, does not take up space, and uses 10 inch super wide tires, which can adapt to various terrain and complex environments. When the environment is dark, the adaptive headlights can be turned on automatically, which is more convenient and safe.

4、Equipped with LED high-definition digital display, you can check the riding status anytime and anywhere. The body has its own waterproof level, which can be used in any weather. M11 is more equipped with front and rear dual brakes, front wheel electronic brake+rear wheel disc brake to ensure your every trip

Judging from the update and iteration of electric products in recent years, the manufacturer’s innovation ability is really strong, but there is no perfect product in the world, only the constantly improving technology and design level. In your opinion, what is the status of this car in the current scooter products?

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