Lithium battery products attract the attention of the government again

According to media reports, on November 5, a fire accident occurred in a high-rise residential building in Manhattan, which injured 46 people. The accident investigation showed that the fire was caused by the lithium battery of an electric bicycle in a household.

Low price market demand is huge, and low-quality products are circulated
In terms of the use of electric travel, there are such groups. Riding is a part of their work. Their vehicles are used most frequently, and their equipment is consumed most. They carry countless goods on various roads every day, regardless of the high temperature, cold, wind and rain, but the vehicles used are very cheap and of average performance, such as professional delivery staff in New York, The compact working hours make it impossible for them to carefully protect the battery of vehicles or comply with strict operating specifications, and there are more than 60000 such people in New York.

Battery safety is related to personal and property safety, which is the object we must focus on. We will pay more attention to battery safety while ensuring good appearance and performance.

BMS intelligent management system

Fast wheel has accumulated eight years of experience in managing millions of batteries, and the BMS battery management system technology has been upgraded iteratively. Protection against over temperature, over current, over discharge, charging, short circuit and under voltage. Multiple intelligent protection enables longer battery life, higher safety performance, stronger power output and more accurate power display.

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