Precautions for Scooter Riding in Autumn and Winter

Any kind of car needs our care and maintenance. We treat the scooter like our family. When it’s cold, we give it special protection. Next, we will introduce the three points you should pay attention to when riding a scooter in autumn and winter. Please take them seriously.

First, pay attention to battery maintenance
① When the scooter is not used for a long time, it should also be charged frequently, with an interval of 0.5-1 months
② Try to be fully charged and unplugged when charging
③ Since the weather is cold in autumn and winter, proper thermal insulation measures can be taken to prolong the service life of the battery

Second, what should be paid attention to when driving
① The tire is not fully inflated to increase friction and prevent the vehicle from slipping
② When riding, try to reduce the center of gravity to avoid losing control of the vehicle due to high center of gravity
③ Avoid sudden braking as far as possible to increase tire wear and vehicle skidding

The last point is to keep warm
① Self provided fleece riding helmet for warmth and safety
② The roadside air quality is poor in winter, and the respirator equipment cannot be lacking
③ Drink hot water when cycling in cold weather, and supplement sugar and salt appropriately when exercising

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