Three application directions of AI in the new era?

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Artificial intelligence is never a new concept. However, the breakthrough of Moore’s law, the development of cloud computing and the availability of massive data have made artificial intelligence popular. We believe that after AI began to experience the high growth of security and speaker

Lithium battery competition

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1.1 enterprise life cycle curve theory American economist Harry S. dent put forward the S-type development model of new technology and new industry. The industry has a life cycle (formation period, growth period, maturity period and recession period), and the industrial growth trajectory presents an S-

Development of automotive chips

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The speed of automobile electrification, intelligence and networking has been increased, and the application of chip has been greatly improved. At present, automotive chips have been widely used in many fields, such as power, body, cabin, chassis and safety. According to the prediction of China

Current situation of high-end automobile market

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Behind the development of automotive intelligent networking is the digital revolution brought by the Internet. Almost all industries are experiencing digital transformation, constantly forming and enriching the panoramic ecology of the Internet, and the users’ demand for various products and services is also

Analysis of green travel related fields

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Analysis of green travel related fields In the field of transportation, improving energy and resource utilization efficiency to reduce pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions is the key point of energy conservation, emission reduction and green travel. Public transport travel, new energy travel and