Current situation of high-end automobile market

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Behind the development of automotive intelligent networking is the digital revolution brought by the Internet. Almost all industries are experiencing digital transformation, constantly forming and enriching the panoramic ecology of the Internet, and the users’ demand for various products and services is also escalating.

The demand of high-end automobile consumers has been upgraded from upgrading to dimensionality reduction.

With the popularity of the Internet and the launch of various Internet products, in the face of overloaded information and excessive choices, users’ demand for information has experienced double changes. In terms of demand for information quality, users have experienced an upgrade from “all” to “all, accurate, interested and relevant”. In terms of efficiency of processing and receiving information, users expect a single and convenient processing method, which will not be disturbed by complex and irrelevant information, That is, the simplification of dimensionality reduction.

In the system of social relations, individuals play more than one role, but a unity of multiple roles. With the development of identity

In addition, users’ needs are upgraded from simple somatosensory needs to meet family needs and then to social responsibility needs, that is, the improvement from “pleasing oneself” to “being human”.

Taking the demand for vehicles as an example, for individuals with multiple identities, vehicles also have multiple attributes. One is the attribute of transportation tools, which needs to realize the comfort, safety and convenience of travel; The second is the attribute of emotional sustenance, which takes improving family happiness as the deeper goal, which can not only relax drivers and passengers, but also provide more high-quality time to get along with each other; Third, the connection with the outside world, taking into account the safety guarantee of pedestrians, driving environment and living environment; Fourth, the sense of responsibility for the social environment is reflected in environmental protection and the sustainable development of the whole environment.

The upgrading of user demand means that there are referential expectations for the high-end and networked automobile industry. The ideal high-end automobile should also meet the three characteristics from dimension upgrading to dimension reduction, from automation to freedom, and from pleasing oneself to being human.

Automobile interconnection Era
With the evolution of technology and the upgrading of users’ demand for driving experience, cars have entered the Internet era from traditional industrial manufacturing. Its core is “Internet + car”: lead online traffic to offline stores; At the same time, the online service is copied to the vehicle terminal through “vehicle + vehicle interconnection”. More only realize the automation of production and vehicle operation and the replication of online functions, and the integration of offline services and complete physical ecology has not been effectively up; This is also reflected in the sales level. Although the rise of auto e-commerce has changed the relationship between people and goods and greatly improved user efficiency, back-end services often still need to be completed offline by users. The humanized experience of cars and related services is still insufficient and does not get rid of the cold mechanical sense.

Global intelligent ecological era
Thanks to the landing application of Internet of things and artificial intelligence technology, the automobile is expected to be more intelligent in the future, forming a comprehensive and close connection between people and vehicles, people and vehicles and the environment, people and vehicles and ecology, and forming a truly intelligent and interconnected global intelligent ecology. For sales, change the channel to direct sales. At the same time, with the support of online ability, give play to the brand’s ability to control and guarantee the service quality, and form a service network covering the user’s life circle. The core of the 3.0 era contains the characteristics of the first two eras and sublimates them. It is the automobile + entity interconnection ecology, which enables the automobile to connect not only the Internet, but also perfect car use, travel and exclusive life services.

Not only that, while taking into account the brand quality, it also integrates into the landing multi-dimensional intelligent scene, and organically integrates the services of the whole link to help users improve efficiency, get rid of space barriers and realize unimpeded interaction, so as to realize the true freedom of car life.

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