Analysis of green travel related fields

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Analysis of green travel related fields
In the field of transportation, improving energy and resource utilization efficiency to reduce pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions is the key point of energy conservation, emission reduction and green travel. Public transport travel, new energy travel and shared travel are the key to improve resource use
Carbon emission reduction is an important way.

Bus travel
Large transport capacity, low pollution and high efficiency
Through centralized transportation and the use of renewable resources as power: energy conservation and emission reduction, and the application of Zhicong public transportation system to reduce the number of residents

The pain points in travel planning can improve travel efficiency, so as to reduce unnecessary energy waste and waste in the process of commuting

Carbon emissions. With the development of China’s intelligent public transport system, it is more convenient for residents to use public transport and reduce carbon emissions. In the field of app, intelligent public transport system is outstanding. Route planning through intelligent transportation system can help residents travel efficiently and low-carbon

Diversified, efficient and low-carbon

Sharing travel can effectively improve the use efficiency of transportation tools, take into account the basis of transportation capacity, and meet the diversified travel needs of residents, so as to achieve the dual goals of improving residents’ travel experience and green travel. With the development of high-precision maps, shared travel and public transport travel are expected to be combined to further meet the travel needs of residents in the last kilometer, improve the utilization rate of green vehicles and achieve energy conservation and emission reduction. The use of new energy sharing travel tools such as shared bicycles, shared motorcycles and shared cars can more effectively reduce pollution and promote the realization of carbon neutralization and carbon peak.

New energy travel
Low carbon, environmental protection and low pollution
The application of electric energy and hydrogen energy instead of fossil energy in the field of transportation can effectively reduce pollutants and temperature in the field of transportation
Room gas emission. At the same time, a large number of applications of electric energy and hydrogen energy can change the energy structure of the transportation industry and improve energy efficiency
Source application efficiency, promote the industry to improve technology and do sustainable development. The popularization of electric vehicles and motorcycles can effectively solve the problem of carbon emissions in urban areas, alleviate the problem of air pollution in large and medium-sized cities, and reduce the heat island effect caused by greenhouse gas emissions

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