Three application directions of AI in the new era?

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Artificial intelligence is never a new concept. However, the breakthrough of Moore’s law, the development of cloud computing and the availability of massive data have made artificial intelligence popular. We believe that after AI began to experience the high growth of security and speaker applications driven by machine vision, speech recognition and natural language processing in 2016, new AI applications, including medical and pharmaceutical research and development, financial services and automatic driving, will bring a new “golden age” to industrial development.

Among MIT’s top ten breakthrough technologies in 2016-2017:

We believe that the voice interface and its enabled intelligent speaker have been relatively mature in technology and application scenarios, and have realized large-scale popularization and application. Computers communicate and interact with us through language, understand the context meaning of language, and improve the practicability of AI system in an all-round way;

At the same time, machine vision represented by face brushing and payment has also made great progress. Many applications of face recognition in mobile phones have also been very mature;

With the improvement of computing power and the iteration of algorithm, autonomous driving technology and autonomous trucks represented by Tesla and waymo have also made great progress. At present, mass-produced models have begun to iterate from ADAS to L3 level autonomous driving, realizing various functions including autonomous parking, autonomous lane change and high-speed autonomous driving. However, self driving mass-produced vehicles from L4-L5 level still need to wait for the further development of technology and industry. At present, many technology giants and related traditional car enterprises, including apple, Google, Baidu, Huawei and Xiaomi, have also begun to make use of the “vertical and horizontal” layout of the industrial chain. Among them, Tesla has jumped by more than $600 billion with the market value of self driving electric vehicles, and Tucson, a self driving truck enterprise, is about to land on the US stock market.

In recent years, AI technology and new applications have sprung up. According to the top ten breakthrough technologies in 2019-2021mit and the top ten scientific and technological trends of aridamo academy, the technical trends related to AI appear for 9 / 18 times respectively, including group intelligence and vehicle road coordination of large-scale cooperation among machines related to AI automatic driving; AI medical related artificial intelligence to discover molecules and improve the efficiency of drug and vaccine research and development; In addition to the above three industries, AI finance related digital currency and blockchain, including AI agriculture, AI environmental protection, AI city and AI industry, have also entered the practical application level. AI empowers the whole society.

With a large number of AI technology iterations, large-scale improvement of underlying computing power and the popularity of cloud computing big data, AI has transformed and upgraded all walks of life like a steam revolution. The golden age of AI has come.

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